Majento & N-Tonio - CHbI
Electric magic darts from Belarus. Beluga Recordings.

Basnie - Les Pays-Bas
Cinematic soundscapes. Transparant artwork. Beluga Recordings.
Till feb 2010 at Graphic Design Museum Breda Dutch Design Database

Black Gold 360 - Suite 17 (transparant artwork)
One for sorrow, two for luck, three for a girl, four for a boy. Beluga Recordings.

3rd album Black Gold 360 - LM6iX - Beluga Recordings
Dirty electronic jazz. Transparant artwork. Beluga Recordings.

ParkerKowalski - Dark Streets
Non-edited live recordings, cut 'n paste madness. Transparant artwork.
Beluga Recordings.

Rosamunde - New York Recordings '79 -'80
Found audio footage from '79 -'80. Transparant artwork. Beluga Recordings.
Closer look, click.

Mixing with HongKongGeorge - Hucking Fell
Charming plunderphonics by HongKongGeorge, transparant artwork, Beluga Recordings.

Black ice molecules embracing the Blue4ColdRed4Warm project
A taste of Beluga Recordings. Transparant artwork (first of the series).

Various artists on Lo fi fee fum & other tales of the vinyl jungle
Label compilation. Beluga Recordings. Transparant artwork.
The famous traditional corporate cotton bud in spine.

Debut album of Black Gold 360 - 3LACK60LD
Beluga Recordings. Transparant artwork.

Stem by Dr. Perceptron
Beluga Recordings. Transparant artwork. Click to enlarge.

Ceci, n'est pas une Album...
Cou$in Lou - Moody Dollar Beluga Recordings.
Transparant artwork. View closer? Click.

Blackgold 360. Roasted & Filtered by Dj Fontana
Transparant artwork. Beluga Recordings.

Black & gold edition for Ropeadope Music Ropeadope Music
Transparant artwork & paper print.

Electric Puha - Fromage D'Electrique
Remixed by The Cheese Detective Agency. Transparant artwork. Beluga Recordings.